The Balcony

Welcome to my balcony in Pamplona

My name is Igone, and I´ll be opening the doors of my house, in the center of Pamplona (Iruña) next to the City Hall Square, to anyone interested in experiencing the Saint Fermín Festival and feeling the tension and stress of the runners minutes before the famous bull run starts.

It is a privileged setting, where you can enjoy the tranquility of a home yet be in the heart of Pamplona.

If you like, I can prepare you a homemade breakfast of coffee, chocolate, fruit juice and sponge cake.

San Fermín en el Corazón
Enjoy the highlights of Saint Fermin right in the heart of Pamplona.
Hora del encierro
Get in just a few minutes before the Bull Run stars.
Breakfast included
Pañuelo san fermín
Great way to spend the Saint Fermin Festival


The flat can be entered at Calle San Saturnino, 4-1; and it has an 7m balcony overlooking the Santo Domingo and City Hall Square section of the Bull Run.

It´s entry from San Saturnine, means thet you can easily get here, and do so just a few minutes before the start of the Bull Run. This isn’t possible with other balconies, as their entry is from within the Saint Fermín Bull Run itself, which is closed off an hour before the event starts.

Another unique moment in the Saint Fermín festival is so-called Txupinazo, the inaugural act of the festivities, when a rocket is launched at 12 noon on 6 July from Pamplona City Hall; when it seems the entire city is packed into the square outside it. This ritual marks the beginning of a joyful festival, where you can experience the famous Pamplona bustle from our balcony.

Although you can’t see the front facade of the City Hall from my house, you still have a great view of the City Hall square; so you can appreciate that amazing and indescribable feeling of watching the human red and white tidal wave of people waiting expectantly for the rocket to go off to mark the start of Saint Fermín.

I´ll prepare a typical aperitif of cava to toast the beginning of the festival.

The festivities end at the same location at midnight on 14 July for the closing event called Pobre de mí,( ¨Poor me¨), when people gather with candles to sing the song  Pobre de mí, which means the festivities are over and we can start the countdown to next year.